“O eTwinning é a comunidade de escolas da Europa – O projeto eTwinning foi lançado em 2005, como a principal ação do Programa de eLearning da Comissão Europeia, e desde janeiro de 2014 faz parte do Erasmus+, o programa europeu para a Educação, Formação, Juventude e Desporto.”
Os professores do Agrupamento de escolas de Trancoso vêm participando nesse programa cada vez mais ativimente.

Alguns projetos eTwinning

Kids & Tech

ICT has increased its importance in many countries where we cannot give education face to face due to Covid-19. The fact that we have to reach students online requires us to face the conclusion that ICT will be an integral part of education.

Along with industry, trade and in many other business lives, the importance of these technologies has increased significantly. Technology has therefore had to develop appropriate contents for education.

Our project using ICT technologies in education and teaching environments; all teachers from all over Europe who want to do wonders in the classroom can join in our Project.

In this process, we believe that ICT technologies are among our qualities that must be acquired and developed in distance education.

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Albanian and European culture, art in the years 1960-1980.

Through this project we aim to:

  1. Research of Albanian and European history in the years 1960-1980.
  2. Recognition of ideological and cultural tendencies of the time.
  3. Research and identification of the peculiarities and commonalities between the different fields of art, literature and the Albanian and European society of the time.
  4. Complete analysis of the features of the historical-social-cultural context that characterizes the Albanian and European art and culture of this period.
  5. Study and presentation of the elements that characterize the historical, social and cultural features in literature, painting, music, fashion, etc.
  6. Study of the development of works of art, fashion and socio-cultural features of this period
  7. Comparison between works of art by different authors belonging to the same period.
  8. Exposing creative ideas in different forms.
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City: Its History and Culture Through the Centuries

The partners select a city in their country according to a common specification: this city must exist in the same place from Antiquity to the present day, even if it has changed its name throughout history. They work in national and international teams to explore its history, in stages, each highlighting different ICT skills.

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Water is a natural resource that depends on how man uses it to be renewable or not. When we look at Planet Earth, we find that it is mostly made up of water and hence there are those who think, wrongly, that water is always available, since 97% of the existing water is salty, of the remaining 3% the majority is at the poles or in the high mountains in solid state…ice. On the other hand, of the world population is increasing which leads to greater demand and at the same time the impact of pollution also grows. The need for water is increasing and the one that exists is polluted, which means that a renewable resource will no longer be. It is essential to be aware when using water without wasting it and, at the same time, there must be greater concern in reducing pollution. For these reasons, we should explain the importance of water to our children. We will make our students realize this with the activities we will do. Because if there is water, there is the future.

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Projetos locais no eTwinning 

Codeweek 2020 | Organizado pelo Agrupamento de Escolas de Trancoso

Atividade em pessoa aberta

Idioma | Português

Local do evento: Rua Professor Doutor Mota Pinto, 6420, Trancoso, Guarda, PRT

Descrição: Programar jogos perguntas/respostas em linguagem de blocos.

Mais Informações:

Destinatários do evento: Alunos do ensino básico

Noções básicas de programação e Programação Visual/Blocos

Etiquetas: #programaçãovisualblocos #animação

Organizado pelo Agrupamento de Escolas de Trancoso

Tipo de atividade | Atividade privada conectada

Local do evento: Rua Colégio, 6420-707, Vila Franca das Naves, Trancoso, Guarda, PRT

Descrição: Construir narrativas de percursos de vida em linguagem Scratch. O patrono do AET é Anes Bandarra. O projeto trabalha transversalmente o currículo, personificando os conteúdos e integrando a personagem, para que os alunos o fiquem a conhecer melhor enquanto aprendem a programar.

Destinatários do evento: Alunos do ensino básico

Etiquetas: #scratch #inclusão